Domain manager

Manage domains

The domain manager allows you to edit the available domains to use the link shortener.


By default the system uses the domain from which the system is accessed.
Other domains can be registered from which the links can be shortened, and in configuration the main domain of the application can be configured.
If the domain is activated from the configuration, the other domains will not be able to access the application, so they will be redirected to the main domain.
To make a domain point to the application you have to create a CNAME record for the primary domain.
You can configure the redirect url so that it is not redirected to the system, if not to another url.


You can edit a domain, but keep in mind that all the URLs shortened with the old domain will be moved to the new one, and if accessed from the old domain, the page not found will appear.


You can delete a domain, but all urls created with that domain will be accessible from all domains, something that previously could only be accessed from the specific domain.

Primary domain settings

You can select the main domain from which the urls are created, by default if there is not a selected domain, it will use the url from which the application is being accessed.
You can select the primary domain from the application settings.
  • Settings > General > Domain
You can configure so that the application is only accessible from the main domain, this will only allow access to the dashboard and the home page from the selected domain.
Last modified 1yr ago